Recommended readings

>Hawaiʻi’s runaway tourism and the GHG predicament (Tourism Futures Collaboratory, 2020)

>The truth about tourism (Tribe, 2006)

>Critical tourism studies: new directions for volatile times (Gibson 2019)

>Academic myths of tourism (McKercher & Prideaux, 2014)

>Pandemics, tourism and global change: a rapid assessment of COVID-19 (Gössling et al, 2020)

>Socialising tourism for social and ecological justice after COVID-19 (Higgins-Desbiolles, 2020)

>COVID-19 and Airbnb – Disrupting the Disruptor (Dolnicar & Zare, 2020)

>Tourist aviation emissions: A problem of collective action (Hickam et al, 2018)

>A framework to help destinations manage carbon risk from aviation emissions (Becken & Shuker, 2019)

>The economic, social, and environmental impacts of cruise tourism (MacNeill & Wozniak, 2018)

>Pandemics, transformations and tourism: be careful what you wish for (Hall et al, 2020)

>Constructing sustainable tourism development: The 2030 agenda and the managerial ecology of sustainable tourism (Hall, 2019)

>Tourism in Hawaii 1776-2076: futurist Jim Dator talks with Ian Yeoman

>Global tourism’s growing footprint (Gross, 2018)

>The carbon footprint of global tourism (Lenzen et al, 2018)

>Tourism is four times worse for the climate than we thought (New Scientist)

>The philosophical, ethical and theological groundings of tourism – an exploratory inquiry (Cohen, 2019)

>Deep reflexivity in tourism research (Crossley, 2019)

>Reflecting upon slow travel and tourism experiences (Markwell et al.)

>Unnecessary travel? The return of breathable air and rethinking transport in a crisis (RTA)

>The end of tourism? (Guardian)

>UN approves plan to delay carbon offsetting of flights (New Scientist)

Background materials (government and industry reports, dashboards, etc.)