Aloha.Green: The doing of the environmental sustainability governance discourse

This abstract was submitted to the CILC4 conference and the presentation was given on August 4th, 2018:

Our electronic poster presentation documents the pilot stage of the Aloha.Green Project, a collaborative, interdisciplinary action design research experiment launched by a team of the University of Hawaii graduate students in the fall of 2017, to investigate the possibility of optimizing the intersectoral, multi-stakeholder discourse on the environmental sustainability governance by developing a working prototype of the digital habitat for a statewide community of “green practitioners”. The project team views collaborative production and sharing of Green Knowledge as a mechanism of social coordination, a locus and an opportunity for negotiating optimization of inefficient societal designs.

The project seeks to leverage modern society’s digitality to render an inclusive, virtual collaboration environment sustaining and facilitating multi-stakeholder knowledge-construction and dissemination – materially, instrumentally and discursively – by integrating programmatic, technological and organizational components of the environmental sustainability discourse into a distributed-agency, capacity-building knowledge-engine stewarded by the university – with the goal of accelerating the adoption of low-carbon culture in the State of Hawaii and supporting its successful socio-ecological transition. The project yielded several heuristic models that can benefit other team-science/participatory action research endeavors that warrant sustained, multi-perspective inquiry and extended community outreach.