Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition (CILC4)

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is hosting the 4th International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition on August 1-5, 2018 on its campus in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. The theme of CILC4 2018 is Educational Enskillment, Event, and Ecology. These intersecting ideas converge on how processual events sustain human and community becoming. In addition to addressing these issues, we welcome papers that discuss how Eastern and Western assumptions about knowledge and becoming can be linked, and how such links may be fruitfully exploited in theory and practice. Thus, in Chinese philosophy there is a reciprocal metaphor that connects the cosmos and the body through Qi, an energetic flow that operates on different scales. In the West, proponents of 4E cognition (Embodied, Embedded, Extended, Enactive) are increasingly preoccupied with ideas that share similar assumptions. We propose to explore Qi in both its holistic macro and micro potentials and ask how concepts like ecosystems, events, and Qi, contribute to our understanding of languaging, thinking, and feeling.

iMua Labs was selected to give a paper presentation at this event.

Andrei's notes (misplaced for now)

Because experiment -- Logbook/canvassing;

"Doing the discourse" in the sense of using/discovering appropriate textual/discursive means to shape/engineer optimal discourse of Hawaii's Green Act in all its knowledge-production, cognitive, material and communicative aspects.

Set of Coordinates/Dimensions:

RIS/Quintuple Helix; entrepreneurial university; living labs; social system engineering; collaborative governance; 

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