Challenges to this approach (What are we up against?)

  • Existing socio-economic structure is systemically incompatible with maxims of environmental sustainability
  • Obfuscating public discourses
  • Crises of representation
  • Tragedy of the commons
  • Tragedy of the non-commons
  • The world has problems, but universities have departments
  • The folly of independent scholarship
  • Wickedness of the environmental problematique
  • Ineffective governance mechanisms and lack of transparency
  • Social apathy and fatigue of general populace
  • Hegemony of fragments (attentional/cognition issues)
  • Tragedy of the horizon(s)
  • Unfamiliarity with collective-intelligence/thought knowledge-building protocols and transdisciplinarity
  • Counter-culture/counter-intuitive group communication  
  • Building the raft and swimming (design challenges)

Localization/attribution issues...